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Smile with Confidence

Your smile is often what people notice first. Maintaining your smile affects the way you look and feel about yourself. Having your teeth cleaned and professionally whitened is an easy way to maintain a healthy smile and to catch any potential problems early.

Welcome To Joanna’s Dental Care

                             Having begun the God given noble task of opening 2 Dental Clinics in Vellore, India, We have opened another dental clinic now at  Tirunelveli, India. Our Mission is to reach people from All walks of life and provide quality dental    Awareness, Counseling and Treatment and bring about smiles by the grace of our Lord..We at Joanna’s Dental Care, have a team of quality professionals to take Care of all oral needs with utmost hospitality, we are keen at providing state of the art Dental Treatment, Hygienic surrounding,100% sterilization of instruments, and strive to be at par with latest technology and innovations in the international arena.


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